Dear Bride-to-Be,
We want to take a moment to introduce ourselves.  We are Emily and Stephanie, two best friends who happen to both love photography and weddings!  (We cry every time!) We decided to team up as Hartwood Weddings (a play on our last names) because, much like in marriage, we've learned that we bring out the best in each other artistically and technically as photographers.  We push each other, we inspire each other, and we support each other. 
Together, we are able to offer our brides something truly unique: two different, complementary perspectives of their special day!
Our story is not a long one, but, like they say, quality versus quantity.  We met at church in 2016 and started swapping playdates for our kids. That quickly progressed into running together in the early morning hours, sharing literally gallons of herbal tea (we’re obsessed!), analyzing the faked moon landing and deciding to join forces with our two existing family photography businesses.  We’ve since done several photography projects together and our friendship has only grown deeper as we’ve developed as artists and honed our technique and style.
We are passionate about creating elegant, modern images and we know girlfriends!  
Who better to have by your side on the most important day of your life than two women who know what it means to be true friends! Women who will laugh and cry with you and tell you like it is.  You can be confident with us that we will capture every detail and every moment you have so carefully planned for.
We want you to look at your wedding album and smile and laugh and sigh and cry like it was yesterday.  
Just watch out, though, we might show up with a big mug of tea and want to sit and reminisce with you!
We’re excited to be your photography besties!
Emily & Stephanie
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