You’ve put a great deal of time and effort preparing for your wedding day.  But, after the cake is eaten, the flower wilted and the dress packed away, the only thing left is the photographs.
Our goal as your photographers is to make sure you can sit back and enjoy the day, knowing that you’ll be able to relive every detail through our photos for years to come.  We want you to taste the cake, smell the flowers and feel the dress flutter around you every time you look through your album. But even more than that, we want to capture the love, excitement, and magic of that special day.
If possible, we like to spend the entire day with our brides, from the bustle of getting dressed and ready to the final honeymoon exit.  Our style is a blend of traditional and documentary wedding photography.  Along with classic, posed portraits, we will capture hundreds of candid moments and every conceivable detail.
We love creating images that are fresh, light, and romantic, but we are also keen the to capture the messy, sassy, silly and spontaneous moments that are sure to happen.  
That time you laughed so hard you spit champagne, we will be there. Your great uncle doing the chicken dance with his walker, we’re all over that. The adorable flower girl having a major meltdown, that will be in your album too!  We love being real, genuine and recording life as it is. So if you’re looking for carefully curated Instagram images that look like a magazine spread, we may not be the best fit for you. When we said every moment, we really mean it!
That being said, we know how to make you look absolutely fabulous on this very special day!  Rest assured, we already which is your “good side” and we will showcase you and your spouse to reflect that love, tenderness and connection that you feel.  We’ll have eyes on every detail as we coach you through any posed portraits. You'll laugh at our stupid jokes (mostly Stephanie’s) and have the space and time to connect with the meaning and magnitude of you wedding day.  Our style is relaxed and playful.
If you want photos that are real, photos that are strong, authentic yet graceful than let’s chat!  It sounds like we might be your new photography besties!
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